How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You Quail



Consider whether you can have quail.,
Learn about quail.,
Know the pros and cons of keeping quail.,
Find out where you would get the quail.,
Think about where the quail will be kept.,
Know how to care for quail.,
Decide which breed you’re getting.,
Decide on how many quail you want.,
Create a routine.,
Do your chores.,
Help around the house.,
Take care of any other pets in the house.,
Make a poster about quail.,
Ask your parents if you can have a pair of quail.,
Be patient.,
Continue working hard.,
Figure out why your parents have said no.,
Once/if you get the quail, take care of them properly.

Quail are a huge responsibility to care for so by making sure you have the necessary equipment and lifestyle to raise quail you are making it easier for you and your parents already.

Do you have the space for the quail? Although quail may not require much space, they do require special housing.
Can you afford the right equipment? Again, you may have to invest in housing, feeders, lamps, and more.
Do you have any potential predators of quail such as cats, dogs, coyotes, fox, even mountain lions? All of these animals may be potential killers of quail.
Is it legal to keep quail as livestock or pets in your town or city? Some areas (such as condo associations in America) may ban outside pets such as quail. Some cities may consider your pet birds as livestock and not allow you to keep them even if you do not consider them as such. Some areas (such as those affected by the bird flu) may have special rules about birds.;
, Before you start asking your parents that you want quail you must first learn how to care for them, the pros and cons of them, and the different breeds (and colors) of them. The more you know about quail the more you can educate your parents about misconceptions, and show that you have researched the subject.

There is plenty of helpful information online about quail, get searching now.

, If you know the pros and cons of keeping quail it will likely convince your parents that you have thought this through.

The pros of keeping quail are that they are very small which means they can be housed easily, they lay eggs that you can eat, they need little care and attention, you get different breeds and colours, they can be tamed and overall they are fun to watch and care for!
The cons of keeping quail are that some breeds of quail are quite noisy, they’re aggressive towards each over (mainly males), quail come with many problems, they’re skittish, they may be hard to tame, and they have many predators.

, You can usually get quail online, from a pet shop, or a local breeder. However, you might not have any quail in your area at all. Since quail are uncommon pets or livestock, there is a chance that there will be no quail available in your area.

, You need to consider the housing these birds need, and where it will be. Answer your parent’s question of ‘where will we keep them?’ by clearing a space somewhere for the quail to stay. Quail need 1 square foot of floor space each.

Remember, quail can be quite smelly and noisy sometimes which is why they are best housed outside, in a shed or in your garage.

, Although quail don’t require much attention you will still need to know how to care for them and what not to do. A list of information can be seen below.

Quail need to be fed a feed that has at least 20% protein such as a game bird feed.
The quail’s water container must be refilled with clean water daily.
You must clean the quail’s bedding weekly because quail’s waste is high in ammonia and quail are prone to diseases.
You must clean the quail’s housing monthly. If you don’t the quail will get mites, diseases or the cage will get infested with parasites.

, There are different types of breed of quail just like chickens and dogs and they all have different personalities, purposes and appearances.

The two most common quail are coturnix and button quail. Coturnix are larger and make more noise but lay bigger eggs whilst button are smaller and make less noise but their eggs are too small to eat.
Coturnix and button have different colored feathers such as white, brown, blue, cinnamon, silver and many more. Some colors are rarer than others but in these cases silver and brown are common colors.

, Because quail are social birds you need at least two. It is recommended that you buy only one pair of quail since it is easier for you and your parents to care for them, especially as beginners.

If you are keen on getting a male only buy one, males will fight each over which is why they must stay separated.

, Before you do get some quail create a routine for them. This includes the time you must feed them, when you refill their water container, when you clean their housing, what times you check up on them, and so on. A chart of your routine will most likely impress your parents.

, If you do not wash the dishes on time, your parents may not think that the responsibility and expense of a living thing is a good idea. Or your parents may think that if you do get some new quail then you will be too busy playing or caring for them. Prove them wrong by finishing your chores without them asking you too or finishing them extra early.

It also helps if you finish your homework and try to get your grades up. Another worry of your parents is that you will be too distracted with your new quail to do your homework.

, Wash and dry the dishes, do the laundry, polish the sides, and do whatever you need to do. If you do this your parents will realize that you are being responsible and mature. Helping around the house to show that you would like a pair of quail is better than begging for them.

, Even if it’s a pet gold fish, if you don’t take care of any other pets your parents will use this as an excuse. Take good care of any other pets bond with them, and hopefully you will demonstrate to your parents that you are responsible enough to take care of your own quail.

, Posters are a great way to present things. Include pictures of quail (and cute quail chicks!), interesting facts and helpful information.

, Remember the information above and tell them facts about quail, the pros and cons, and correct them for any mistakes they make about quail.

Ask at an appropriate time such as at a dinner conversation or when your parents aren’t busy but are still together (e.g. whilst watching TV).
Don’t argue, beg or shout. This will make you look immature and you won’t convince your parents into getting you quail.

, Once you ask your parents if you can get quail you must wait. Even if they say no they’re probably taking it into consideration so continue working hard and they may just say yes.

, If you get a yes or even a no continue working hard, you’ll probably convince your parents into saying yes.

Continue doing chores, homework, caring for other pets and researching about quail. You’ll show your parents how much you want a new pet.

, If your parents gave you a no, still be patient and wait as they may be taking it into consideration. However, whilst waiting, be prepared to get rid of any causes for not getting quail.

It may be because of money. Offer to spend as much of your money as you can towards the quail.
It may be because of responsibility. Take care of any other pets, do your chores, complete your homework and help around the house.
It may be because of space. Clean up around the house and clear some space, have a garage sale if you need too.
It may be because of other pets such as cats and dogs. Create a place for the quail where any cats or dogs cannot get to.

, Don’t stop caring for the quail overtime just because you get bored. You don’t have to interact with the quail but you must feed them, refill their water containers, and clean out their cage daily to prove that you’re dedicated.

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