How to Control When You Fall Asleep



Avoid stimulants.,
Shut down any and all electronics.,
Avoid consuming food or beverages before bed.,
Consider sleep disorders.

Make sure to avoid caffeine, smoking, drinking, and stimulating activity hours before sleeping. You don’t want anything keeping your body or mind awake when it’s time for bed. Don’t drink caffeine in the late afternoon or evening. Make sure not to avoid caffeine four to six hours before bedtime. Caffeine effects everyone differently, so pay attention to how it affects your body and act accordingly. Don’t smoke before bedtime. Nicotine can make it difficult to fall asleep and causes more restless sleep in general Don’t drink alcohol before bedtime. While some alcohol may make it easier to fall asleep, you will have less restless sleep. Avoid drinking any alcohol with caffeine in the hours leading up to your bedtime. Wind down stimulating activity. Make sure the hours leading up to sleep are quiet, peaceful, and restful. It will be harder to fall asleep if your senses have recently been stimulated.

, Since electronics stimulate our senses and our minds, put away electronics before bedtime to fall asleep faster. Turn off your television. Don’t watch TV before bedtime. Instead, try to make your bedroom free of technology. Put away your computer. The light from a computer screen can affect someone’s internal sleep clock. Leave your computer in the other room while preparing for sleep. Turn over your phone. Even if you’re using your phone as an alarm clock, keep it out of immediate reach. Don’t be tempted to check your e-mail or text messages while you’re in bed.

, Eating or drinking before bedtime can disrupt your sleep pattern. It can even cause you to gain weight. Eating heavy meals or snacks before bedtime can cause digestion problems. If you’re hungry, try a light snack, but don’t eat anything too heavy right before bed.
Consuming alcohol before can sometimes make you feel drowsy, but it can impact how good a night’s sleep you get. Heavy snacking late at night can also cause you to gain weight. Don’t eat late at night because it causes issues with your metabolism. Drinking too much water before bed can cause you to get up throughout the night. Make sure you are well hydrated, but don’t drink too much much water to avoid disrupting your sleep. , If you control when you fall asleep, you may have a sleep disorder. Think about if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms. Notice if you are constantly sleepy and fatigued. It’s normal to feel sleepy occasionally, but not all the type.
Pay attention if you are snoring loudly. If you wake yourself while snoring, it could be a sign of sleep apnea.
Remember if you wake up multiple times throughout the night or have difficulty falling. Being restless throughout the night or not being able to fall asleep may be a sign of a sleep disorder.
Be aware if your legs feel like they constantly have to move during the night. If you are experience restless legs throughout the night, you may have restless leg syndrome.
Know if you sometimes fall asleep without notice. Narcolepsy is a serious problem and is a sign you are not getting enough restful sleep.

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