How to Confess to Your Crush



Befriend them online first, if you haven’t already.,
Make sure your crush isn’t seeing anyone.,
Talk to mutual friends about your crush.,
Hang out in groups.,
Pay attention.

One good way to do a little research and get to know someone before you confess a crush is to be friends on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. If you’re waiting, stop waiting and reach out online first to make contact. Having a couple of online chats can help break the ice when you finally talk in person.

To get a conversation started when you’re in person, you can bring stuff up that you already talked about online, or reference something that everyone saw on Facebook that day. Good ice-breaker.

, One of the most important things to find out before you confess a crush is whether or not your crush is currently seeing anyone. If they are, it’s probably a good idea to hang back, because you don’t want to make things over-complicated for someone that you like.

Online is an easy way to check, or you can also just watch closely and see whether your crush seems to be committed. Talk to mutual friends or ask around.

, Reach out to friends and acquaintances if you want to learn more about the person you’re crushing on. Find a reason to hang out with people that are friends with your crush and just start asking about them. “What do they like? Do they like anyone? Do you think they’d be interested?” All good questions to ask.

Remember, if it slips out, that’s not the worst thing to have happen. Might end up making your job and your stress a lot easier.

, Find reasons to hang out with your crush, but not in the context of a date, or a one-on-one hang out. Get to know them better by inviting them to do things with your group of friends.

Organize a simple group hang-out, like a movie night at someone’s house, or a group dinner somewhere, and invite your crush. If you’re still worried about approaching your crush that way, have someone else ask.
If you find out you don’t actually like them, good. At least you didn’t confess a little crush and make a mistake for someone you don’t actually have that much in common with.

, If you want to learn more about someone and find out whether or not you might be good together, part of it is to just start opening your eyes a little. Who does your crush seem to enjoy hanging out with? What is their sense of humor like? What do they like to do in their free time? Spend some time paying attention and watching (not in a creepy way) to learn as much as you can.

Watch for signs of body language when you’re around each other.If your crush starts using “closed” body language, arms crossed and not making eye-contact, it could be a sign she’s not interested in you. You might save yourself some grief.

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