How to Color Chickens



Pick your chicken.,
Find some edible food dye.,
Use a toothbrush to color the feathers.,
Allow the dye to fade on its own.

If you want to make your chicken’s feathers look fancy, you can safely do so using a little food coloring. The color will come out best on white-feathered chickens.;
, Find some vegetable-based food colors in an array of colors — blue, green, red, yellow. Pour a few drops of each color into its own small bowl.

, Dip a clean toothbrush into the food coloring and use it to gently rub the dye onto the chickens feathers.

You may need a helper to hold the chicken and keep it calm while you are completing your work.
Be careful to avoid the chicken’s eyes and orifices.

, The food coloring should fade from the feathers over time, or be replaced with clean, new feathers as the chicken molts. This can take some time however, so don’t use dye if you intend to show or sell your chickens in the near future.

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