How to Clip Quail Wings



Realize the pros and cons of clipping quail’s wings.,
Obtain the necessary equipment.,
Catch the quail you want to clip.,
Bring the quail to a safe room.,
Hold the quail for clipping.,
Hold one of the quails wings out.,
Clip the tips of the flight feathers.,
Repeat the process on the second wing.,
Return the quail back to its home.,
Clean up the mess.

The advantages of clipping your quails wings are that they are less likely to get hurt, get into danger, or escape. However, you must frequently clip your quail’s wings, which can be difficult if you have many quails. Also, in the case they do escape, they cannot get themselves away from predators easily and will be very vulnerable.;
, You will need a pair of sharp and long scissors, gloves, and a helper. You may need a bird net to catch the quail. You might also need to clear some space in a room and make sure nothing in the room can harm your quail.

, The quail you want to clip should be the one that flies frequently and has long wing feathers. To catch the quail, chase it into a corner and quickly grab it or use a bird net if you’re finding the task difficult.

Once you have the quail you should gently cup your hands over its wings so it doesn’t move excessively. Keep in mind that quail are adept at escaping predator’s grasps, so you should hold it firmly, but not so firmly that you hurt it.

, You’ll need somewhere that is free from disturbances, pets, dangerous objects, and hiding spots. Close the door after entering so the quail does not fly out in case it does slip from your hands.

, You should hold the quail’s body in one hand. Be aware that the quail can scratch and peck. You will want to wear garden gloves if you have sensitive hands.

, Use your free hand to help carefully extend the quail’s wing and expose all of its feathers. If you have trouble, a helper is useful. Ask them to spread the wing out or hold the quail.

, The longest tip of the feathers should be cut back to 1 centimeter (0.39 in) depending on the size/breed of quail you have.

, You MUST clip both wings or the quail will be unbalanced during flight. Sometimes, if only one wing is clipped, the quail will still be able to fly. Worse, it may try flapping its wings too hard and hurt itself.

, The quail should be in its normal state and not frightened or in an unusual behaviour at all. Clipping the wings doesn’t harm the quail in any way but does affect the way they fly.

, Once you clip the wings the feathers will fall down to the ground. You can sweep this up with a broom or dust pan and brush with little effort.

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