How to Clip a Cockatiel’s Flier Feathers



Find a partner to help you.,
Towel your bird.,
Extend your bird’s wings.,
Locate the flight feathers (or primary flights).,
Plan which feathers to trim.,
Let baby birds learn to fly before clipping.

One person should hold your cockatiel firmly and put his middle and index fingers on the sides of the bird’s neck to keep her from biting., If you are having trouble controlling your bird, try covering your bird with a soft, clean towel. This may calm the bird and make him easier to handle.It is a good idea to “towel train” your bird in advance, so he will be easier to deal with when you need to restrain him. Use the same towel every time, and give your bird treats on the towel. Allow him to walk underneath the towel on his own until he gets used to the towel.
Do not constrict a bird’s chest when restraining him with a towel. Birds need to be able to completely expand their chest in order to breathe properly.

, Have the person who is holding your cockatiel open one of her wings. Be gentle but firm with the wings, as the bones are very fragile., Your cockatiel’s flight feathers are the long feathers at the outer edge of his wings. Do not clip any feathers that grow on the inner portion of the wing – always stop at or before the bend in the wing (the middle joint.), Using pet nail trimmers or scissors with blunt ends, clip three or four of the primary flight feathers from each wing, beginning with the longest one and working your way in toward the bird’s body. The primary flight feathers are the longest feathers at the tips of your bird’s wings., Allow baby birds several weeks to learn how to fly before you attempt to trim their flight feathers. If you clip them too soon, the birds will not develop the muscles needed to fly as adults.”Flight” means a bird can lift herself from the ground or another surface, and can move herself through the air of her own volition.
”Gliding” means a bird can control her wings well enough to drift safely to the floor when released; however, she will not be able to lift herself off the ground or maintain flight once she is in the air.

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