How to Clear Your Mind Before Bed



Invest in phone apps.,
See a therapist, if stress is a problem.,
Contact a sleep specialist.

While you should not habitually use your smart phone before bed, as the lights from the screen are stimulating to the brain, there are a variety of phone apps that help promote sleepiness.

Androids and iPhones have a variety of apps that can generate white noise. White noise can help block out bothersome noises and help relax you for sleep. Most white noise apps offer a variety of sounds and a timer so you can set the white noise to turn off after a few hours as not to drain your phone’s battery.There is an Android and iPhone application known as “Calm” that produces calming music and sounds of your preference. You can set the noises to play for a fixed number of minutes while you try to sleep.As keeping a diary or journal is a great way to fall asleep, there is an Android app called memories. It allows you to save texts, photos, and videos from your day on your smart phone and write down your own observations. Using this app an hour before bed can help you take stock of your day and unwind. Getting any distracting thoughts out of your system before bed can be helpful. There is a similar app for iPhones known as Diaro.You can also purchase guided meditation routines online and download them to your smart phone. Using them before bed can help you clear your mind., If your sleep problems are stress related, seeing a therapist can help you work out your issues with anxiety in an effective manner. You can usually find a therapist by going through your insurance provider. Online, your provider should have a list of counselors and therapists covered by your plan. If you’re a student, you may be able to get free counseling through your college or university.

, If you’re sleep problems have been going on for a long time, you might want to see a sleep specialist to figure out how to get more effective sleep.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective at treating sleep issues, and a good sleep specialist will have experience with this technique. CBT involves taking active, conscious steps to alter thought patterns and personal habits that are detrimental to your psychological well being.Many sleep disorders do not require medication and can be treated effectively in several sessions. You can find a sleep specialist in the same way you would find a therapist. Go through your insurance provider or your college or university.

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