How to Clean Your Kitty Litter Box



Scoop it once a day.,
Place the materials in a trash bag.,
Consider a self-cleaning box.

Your kitty likes a clean litter box, and while you probably don’t want to change the litter completely every day, scooping it daily will help keep your cat happy. You should definitely scoop out out any feces, as well as any pee clumps if you’re using a clumping litter.To scoop it, use a litter shovel to remove the clumps. These scoops are slotted, the clean litter falls below, while the scoop keeps any clumps.Consider wearing gloves when scooping the litter, or at the very least, wash your hands thoroughly after scooping.;
, While some litters are technically flushable, it’s a better idea to just throw anything you clean out into a trash bag. Flushing it can cause plumbing problems over time, as litter doesn’t break down as easily as toilet paper. Plus, some cities prefer that you don’t flush any type of litter.Scoop anything out into its own bag. It’s best if it seals or if you can tie it up. Then place it in your trash.

, If you don’t like scooping once a day, you can use a self-cleaning box instead. These boxes can sense when your cat has used the bathroom (and left the area). Once the cat is done, the box has a slotted bar that slides across, scooping out any lumps. You still need to clean out the collection regularly, but you won’t need to do it quite as often.

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