How to Clean up After Your Guinea Pig



Lay down newspaper or a fleece blanket before floor time.,
Roll up lining after floor time.,
Scoop poop up with a plastic spoon and cup.,
Litter train your guinea pig.

This will create a lining between the floor and your guinea pig. This lining will catch any droppings they leave behind while out of their cage. It will also provide a natural boundary for your guinea pig, encouraging them to stay in one place., Once you have returned your guinea pig to their cage, you can remove the lining from the floor. Fold the edges over before rolling it up. This will prevent any debris from falling off the lining onto your floor.

If you used newspaper, you can throw it out in the trash can.
If you used a fleece blanket, gently brush off debris into a trash can. Wash the blanket before using again.

, If any poop fell off of the lining, you can scoop it up quickly. Keep a plastic spoon and cup handy right next to the cage. Pick the poop up with the spoon, and drop it into the cup. Dump the cup into the trash can when you are done.

, Your guinea pig may be able to be trained to only go on newspaper or litter. Every time you see your guinea about to go, move them to the newspaper or to a box of litter. Afterwards, give them a carrot or other vegetable. Over a few weeks, they may start to only use the litter.

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