How to Clean Horse Tack



Head over to the nearest horse supply store and purchase a couple bars of glycerin soap (it’s cheap), a soft cloth, a sponge, and leather conditioner.,
Keep a bar right next to the place where you tack up your horse, along with a small bucket of water and a sponge.

Every time you are finished riding, dampen the sponge (with a good wring out), swipe it on the soap and give your saddle and bridle a quick once over.,
Dry off the saddle with a clean towel or if you air dry you will have to use oil to get the mosser back into the tack.,
Get some leather conditioner (preferably marketed specifically for horse tack) and put it on the saddle.,
Remove the stirrup leathers from the saddle and set them aside.,
Clean as above.

Dip the bit and stirrups in a bucket of pure, room-temperature water.

The brand doesn’t matter; ask fellow riders which products they would recommend.;
,, This way no dirt and sweat get built up, taking your show prep from an hour to 2 minutes. This also allows you to inspect your tack every time you ride, for safety issues.

, Get the saddle completely dry before continuing the next step. Do not rub the soap suds into the leather; it contains the dirt and grit that you are trying to remove from the leather.

, Rub it on the saddle with a clean towel, taking care to coat the leather evenly. Wipe off any excess.

, Take the bridle apart, and set the pieces aside with the stirrup leathers.

,, Scrub. It is possible to use a small quantity of silver polish on the stirrups; do NOT use silver polish on the bit, for any reason, at any time.

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