How to Clean Horse Tack



Take the bridle apart by undoing all of the buckles on it, making sure to note which holes all of the buckles are on.,
Take the bit and put it in a bowl of very hot water.,
Clean each separate piece of the bridle thoroughly, using the same soap-oil-conditioner process as used for the saddle.,
Remove the bit from the hot water and rub away any gunk that may be left on it.

Carefully put the bridle back together in the same way that it was before you took it apart.,
Clean any other leather tack items (martingale, breastplate, draw reins, cruppers, etc.)

If the bridle has been used on only one horse at only one setting, there will be a mark on the correct hole. If there are multiple marks or no marks at all, be sure you make a note so you don’t have to re-fit the bridle.

, Leave it in this hot water throughout the whole process. If you have access to a dishwasher, it is a very effective way to clean a dirty bit.

, -note- do not put oil on the reins and only put very very little conditioner. They may become slippery.

,, It may help to look at another bridle to see where everything goes and it which direction. It may also help to pretend you are putting the bridle on the horse and imagining which buckles would be where, and then put the straps together in that order. Be sure to have your trainer check it before you use it; an improperly put together bridle can be dangerous to your horse and may cause him to do unexpected things or not listen to the bit.

, using the same method.

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