How to Clean Horse Tack



Remove the stirrup leathers and stirrups from the saddle.,
Get your tack cleaning sponge and get it soaking wet, then squeeze most of the water out until it is no longer dripping at all.,
Rub the soapy sponge all over the saddle, working up a nice lather.,
Wipe all excess lather off of the saddle with a rag once you are done.

Put neatsfoot oil on a separateĀ sponge (you will never get oil out of the sponge), but just enough to make it very slightly damp with oil.

Rub the oil all over your saddle, making sure to get the bottom and all nooks and crannies.

Once the oil dries, put leather conditioner on a rag and rub it all over the saddle.,
Repeat these steps on the stirrup leathers.

Reattach the stirrup leathers: remember, if you have safety stirrups, the rubber bands go towards the FRONT of the saddle.

Place the stirrups in a bucket of water and lay the leathers aside

, Rub the sponge around in the saddle soap to get it nice and soapy.

, Make sure you get all leather parts of the saddle.

,,,, Allow this to soak in and let the saddle dry overnight before covering it with anything.


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