How to Clean Bees Wax



Prepare your supplies.,
Put the pot onto a source of heat.,
Prepare a container to receive the molten wax.,
Allow everything to cool overnight. 

Invert the whole lot, so the water runs out.,
Clean it further if necessary.

Collect wax that you need to clean, whether its old honeycomb, or whatever. Find a large cooking pot, preferably stainless steel, but aluminium will do.  Fill it with the wax to be cleaned.;
,  Add boiling water over the wax and let it simmer.

,  Ideally, this will be tall and narrow. Pour the wax into the cylinder, including all the old cell casings etc. Make sure you are also pouring in an amount of the boiling water.

,, You should be able to slide the block of wax out, and you will see that all the rubbish has aggregated on the bottom of the block.  This can now be scraped off, leaving the clean wax behind.

, Re-boil the cleaner block of wax and perhaps filter it to remove the finer particles as it goes back into a tall cylinder to cool.

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