How to Clean and Organize Your Tack Room



Take everything from the tack room and set in it the shade somewhere outside.,
Hang rugs, saddle cloths and boots out to air in a breeze if possible.

Take everything out of storage boxes making sure any dust, dirt and hair also comes out.

Take plastic storage containers and hose them with mild soap and water, them let them dry in the sun facing on a side.,
Put any suitable small items in the water to soak.,
Shake/wipe the excess water off and dry them with a towel or cloth.

Dust any shelves, saddle racks, bridle hooks, cabinets, tables, surfaces, etc.,
Sweep the whole tack room.,
If the floor is really dirty, use a floor cleaner to get the remaining gunk off.

Now to clean the bathroom (if the tack room has one).,
Replace or fix anything that is broken.,
Re-pack the storage boxes.,
Bring the storage boxes back in and put them away.,
Put up the saddles on the racks.,
Wipe the tack with a damp cloth and cover the saddle with a breathable cover or clean saddlecloth.,
Wash any dirty rugs and saddle cloths.

If you don’t want to dirty things, then set them on a clean surface. Make sure the room is completely empty.;
,,, Take cardboard boxes out. If there is any mold or fungus on them, replace them with new ones.

, This can include grooming kits, non-leather stirrups, metal spurs, small pieces of synthetic tack, etc.

,, You may need to wipe some clean with a wet cloth. Take a stick, in a circular motions and go around the top of the tack room to remove and cob or spider webs.

, This will remove the dirt off the floor and it will make it look much better.If there is too much dirt, use an outdoor vacuum if possible.

,, Wipe down the toilet and sink, them spray them with an all-purpose cleaner. Clean the inside of the toilet as well with Clorox and a toilet scrubber.

, If the toilet seat is cracked, replace it. Make sure the saddle racks are screwed in correctly and not broken. Replace broken windows as this presents a hazard. Re-label any racks or shelves if the old tags are not clear.

, Make sure they are dry. Try to have a box, bag or bucket to store all small items, with the exception of girths, reins and stirrup leathers, which are best hung up. Make sure that bottles are upright.

, Put the most commonly used items, like grooming kits, within easy reach, and the less frequently used items, like clippers, out of the way.

, Ideally, they should be in a row along the wall. If you teach riding lessons and have lots of saddles, consider using racks the go on the wall. The bridles should correspond to the location of the saddle.

, Bring in the tack and rugs. Order tack by the horse it’s used on rather than type and keep the grooming kit near too.


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