How to Clean and Maintain Lory and Lorikeet Habitats



Place a plastic chair and small shower curtain near the cage.,
Spray down panels and floors as needed.,
Replace your liners each day.,
Clean dishes each day.

Lory and lorikeets tend to have loose droppings due to their diet, which can create mess in the area surrounding the cage due to dripping. To keep the surrounding area clean, hang a shower curtain on the wall near the cage. Place a plastic chair under the cage as well., Due to runny stools, the floor and panels of lory/lorikeet cages need frequent cleaning. Each day, use a hose or spray bottle to spritz clean water over any soiled areas in the cage. This should keep the cage relatively dropping free for your birds., Any liners you keep in your bird’s cage should be replaced at the end of each day. Cage liners, such as newspaper, should be removed, thrown out, and replaced with fresh materials.If you use many layers of cage liners, it’s sometimes only necessary to replace the top layer.

, At the end of each day, remove food and water dishes from the cage. Wash them using warm, soapy water. Rinse them thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before returning them to the cage.Do not wash your bird’s dishes near areas where food is prepared.
As it can sometimes take awhile for dishes to dry, invest in an extra set of dishes to place in the cage while the other dishes dry.

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