How to Clean a Pet Cage with a Fleece Bottom



Find a place to put your pet.,
Take your hand vacuum.,
Get a washcloth.,
Empty the litter tray and add new litter.,
Wipe down all the toys and hideaways to make sure that they are clean.

Set up the cage again.,
Bring the dirty fleece into the washer.,
Take the fleece out to dry.,
Put your pet back in its cage to enjoy the clean cage.

It would be very, very difficult to clean the cage with them in it. Besides, they would probably make it dirty while you are in the process of cleaning. A small animal playpen or carrier with a snuggle sack or blanket and some toys would be good to keep them out of the way while cleaning.;
, You can also use a dustpan and brush, but it will take longer and be much harder. Vacuum up all the feces on the fleece. If there are some that won’t come off, you can shake the fleece outside. You want to get off as much as you can because the waste and litter isn’t good for your washing machine.

, Wipe down the bottom of the cage without the fleece on it. This way, you will get the urine that leaked through the fleece, so bacteria doesn’t grow and make your pet sick.

, Also wipe this down with the washcloth.

,, Take out your other blanket of fleece and set up the whole cage over again. Make sure you use the spare piece of fleece and not the one that you just vacuumed!

, For the soap, use a bacteria eliminator, not a fabric softener! This will put a layer on the fleece, and prevent it from being waterproof.

, It’s better if it gets air dried because putting it in the dryer will have the risk of shrinking the fleece.

, Next time you clean the cage, you can use the fleece that should now be air drying.

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