How to Clean a Long Haired Hamster



Gather your supplies.,
Prepare the bath.,
Allow your hamster to roll in the bath.,
Address problems.

Long-haired hamsters may need more cleaning than short-haired hamsters. If you notice your hamster seems dirty, a dry bath or sand bath is your best option. In the wild, hamster clean themselves using abrasive dirt or sand as water drains their fur of necessary oils. Always go for a sand bath over a water bath. Before you give your hamster a sand bath, gather your supplies.

You’ll need a bowl or basin big enough for your hamster to fit and roll in comfortably. It should also be sturdy enough that it won’t tip over in response to a hamster’s movements. Avoid bowls made of wood or other products hamsters may chew. Make sure your hamster can climb into the bowl on his own without help.You need sand bath, which is a commercial product specifically for hamster and other small mammals. It can be purchased at a local pet store or online. It is designed to work by rubbing dirt and other grime out of your hamster’s fur. Sand bath is sometimes called “chinchilla bath.” The product should say somewhere on the label whether it’s safe for use on hamsters.;
, Dump one to two inches of sand bath into your bowl. Then, place it in your hamster’s cage. Keep it away from areas where the hamster defecates, as hamsters sometimes mistake sand baths for a litter box., Hamsters bathe in dirt and sand in the wild. Therefore, a sand bath requires very little work on your part beyond preparing the bath. The majority of hamsters will climb into the sand bath without prompting and proceed to roll and bathe in the sand. The abrasive nature of sand bath removes dead skin particles and absorbs excess oils from the hamster’s fur. Allow your hamster to roll in his bath as long as he wants. Then, remove the sand bath and throw out what’s left in the bowl., Most hamsters will instinctively climb into the sand bath without prompting. However, some hamsters may be unsure what the bath is. In this case, there are steps you can take to coax your hamster into the bath.

Give you hamster some time. It may take him a few minutes to figure out what the sand bath is, especially if he’s never used it before. Keep an eye on him for the first few minutes, leaving him alone with the sand bath.If your hamster does not seem interested in the bath, try coaxing him into the sand bath with treats or toys. It’s better to get the hamster to enter the bath on his own rather than picking him up and placing him in the bath. Being physically forced into the bath can be jarring for your hamster. Once in the bath, your hamster will likely figure out its purpose and begin rolling and bathing himself.
The majority of hamsters enjoy rolling in a sand bath but some hamsters may dislike the process. If this is the case with your hamster, you can try to gently brush sand into his fur using a tooth brush or comb. If you’re using a comb, make sure it does not have metal bristles. A small plastic comb with wide teeth is easiest on your hamster’s fur.

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