How to Clean a Long Haired Hamster



Take your hamster to the vet if he stops cleaning himself.,
Clean your hamster’s cage regularly.,
Handle your hamster with care.

It’s uncharacteristic for long-haired hamsters to stop cleaning themselves. Grooming is necessary for their health and well-being. If your long-haired hamster suddenly stops grooming, this is a sign something is wrong. You should make an appointment with your vet for professional evaluation., Hamsters are relatively tidy animals that do not need cleaning often. However, if your hamster’s cage is dirty your hamster may end up with dirt and debris stuck in his fur. The best way to keep a longhaired hamster clean is to regularly wash his cage. You should clean and disinfect your hamster’s cage at least once a week.

Remove your hamster from his cage before washing. Place him in a safe enclosure where he cannot escape. Remove all his toys, food and water bowls, and exercise equipment from the cage. Throw out old bedding and any toys that cannot be washed or disinfected.Use a disinfectant spray that’s safe for hamsters. Sprays for hamster cage cleaning specifically can be purchased at a pet store. You can also use water and white vinegar if you’re worried about chemicals. Spray down the cage with your disinfectant and rub it clean with a rag. Spray the bars of the cage, as well as the floor. You should also disinfect the items you removed, like toys and bowls.Make sure you rinse off and remove any remaining disinfectant. Allow the cage and toys to air dry completely before returning your hamster to the cage. Add new bedding and saw dust when you finish cleaning., If you’re cleaning your hamster or his cage, how you handle him is important. Hamsters can be social animals but they may be skittish especially if they don’t know you well. Take care when interacting with your hamster to avoid making bath time stressful.

Always try to get a hamster to come to you first. Reach your hand into his cage and hold out your palm. Allow your hamster to sniff you first before trying to pick him up or handle him.Give your hamster treats and toys when interacting with him. This will help him develop positive associations with you.Be mindful of your hamster’s responses. If your hamster seems skittish or upset, avoid handling him. Unless there’s something toxic in his fur, it might be better to hold off on cleaning him until he’s calm. You do not want cleaning time to be stressful for your hamster as it’s important he keeps his coat clean.

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