How to Clean a Litter Robot



Press the “empty” button.,
Remove the bonnet on newer models.,
Brush out excess litter.,
Wash the globe.,
Dry the globe before returning it to the base.,
Empty the waste drawer.,
Wipe down the drawer.,
Reinstall a trash bag in the waste drawer.,
Clean the exterior of the base with a wet rag.,
Perform a basic cleaning every month to three months.,
Replace the carbon filter when the litter box smells.,
Replace brush seal when the litter box smells.

This will cause all the litter to be released from the globe into the waste bin. It will also allow you to remove the globe from the base for a cleaning., Newer models have a bonnet that wraps around the globe. Press the release buttons on both sides of the bonnet then lift and rotate. Remove it from the globe and set to the side., If any litter remains in the robot, brush it away. Wet litter can turn into a clay that is hard to remove., The globe has no electronic components and thus exposing it to water it is not a concern. Wash with a wet rag and mild soap. If necessary, the globe came also be submerged in soapy water.Do not submerge the base in water. The base has electronic components that can be destroyed by water.

, The base should not be exposed to water. So, wipe the globe down with a dry towel to remove moisture. Allow it to air dry briefly if necessary., The waste drawer is the large drawer located on the bottom of the base. Open it up and remove the trash bag. Throw the trash bag away., Separate the drawer entirely from the base. Wipe it down with soap and water. Then dry it off with a separate rag., Open a 10-gallon trash bag and wrap the edge around the sides of the waste drawer. There should be four or five rubber pieces that you can lift. Slide the edge of the trash bag underneath these, to secure it in the waste drawer.The litter robot was designed for 10-gallon bags, but 8 and 13 gallon bags can also fit., You can use a wet rag and soap to clean the outside of the base. The inside has delicate electronic components that should not be exposed to moisture. Do not submerge the base in water., How frequently you perform a basic cleaning will depend on the number of cats that you have and how well you can manage the odor of a dirty box. If you see any signs that the waste drawer is full, empty it. Otherwise perform a cleaning about every month., There should be a long, flexible filter that fits against the side of the waste drawer that faces out from the base. This helps prevent odors from escaping. When the litter box begins to smell, call the manufacturer or visit their website to order a replacement.Each filter should last a few months, but how often you replace it will depend, in part, on your own personal preferences.
Neither the carbon filter nor the brush seal are essential for the operation of the litter robot. They will, however, reduce the odor.

, There is also a seal, that looks like a brush, which wraps around the inside of the base, where it meets the globe. When the box begins to smell, call the manufacturer to order a replacement of the brush seal.

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