How to Clean a Guinea Pig’s Fleece Bedding



Avoid dangerous, messy beddings.,
Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.,
Clean the bedding on a schedule.

Certain types of beddings spread easily and stick to fleece bedding. They are also generally unsafe for guinea pigs as they may cause respiratory and other health problems. Avoid the following:Cedar bedding
Clay-based bedding

, Fabric softeners and dryer sheets are not safe to use for materials meant for guinea pigs. Strong smells can be irritating for guinea pigs and may cause poor reactions. Avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets when cleaning fleece bedding., It’s important to stick to a schedule when cleaning fleece bedding. Simply cleaning it occasionally will not control odor from your guinea pig’s cage. Make a habit of doing a light cleaning each day. Every five to seven days, wash your fleece bedding in a machine.

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