How to Clean a Cockatiel Habitat



Place the cockatiel in a safe spot.,
Change drop tray liners daily.,
Wipe the bottom bars often.,
Wash food containers in hot water.

You need to remove the cockatiel from the cage as you tidy the cage each day. Place the bird in a safe area where they cannot get out of the house or be bothered by other pets.You may choose to place the bird in a travel cage, a second cage, or on a free standing perch if it is trained.;
, Whether you use newspaper or cage liners, you should change them daily. The bird’s feces and excess food will drop into the liner. You shouldn’t leave your cockatiel in their droppings for multiple days, so remove the tray and quickly remove the liners every day.Change the liners even if they look clean. Feces can be buried in the liner, and bacteria or mold can start growing in the environment. The ammonia from standing urine can bother a bird’s respiratory system.

, Between major cleanings, you should wipe off the grate at the bottom of the cage. The bars on the bottom of the cage separate the bird and any droppings or discarded food. You should take a hot rag and wipe down any buildup on the bars.You can also use a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar to clean the bars.You can wipe off the bars when you change the drop tray liners if you see a need.

, You should remove and wash all food containers, including bowls, water bottles, and trays, each day. Clean out any leftover food or debris. Wash the dishes in hot, soapy water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all suds and dry the dishes before replacing in the cage.

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