How to Clean a Cockatiel Habitat



Clean the cage once each week.,
Clean the shield every few days.,
Remove the drop tray.,
Remove organic material from the cage.,
Scrub the bars on the cage.,
Spray difficult to clean enclosures with a hose.,
Clean the area beneath the cage.,
Let the cage dry.,
Place toys in different locations in the cage.

Though you are tidying up after your cockatiel once a day, you should do a major cleaning of the cage once a week. Place your bird in a cage in a different room so they are not affected by any fumes from cleaning supplies., If your cockatiel habitat has shields that extend beyond the edge of the cage, the shields will catch feces and food debris. Every couple of days, you should take a hot rag to wipe down the mess on the shields.You may need to wipe them down more often if your cockatiel creates a lot of mess on the shields.

, After removing and cleaning all the accessories, you should start cleaning the cage. Remove the drop tray. Throw away any product used in the bedding tray for droppings. Then, wash the drop tray with hot water or a vinegar solution., Before you can disinfect the cage, you need remove any food, droppings, and seeds from the bars. Disinfectants won’t work if there is organic material on the bars. Use a commercial bird-safe cleanser or a vinegar solution.If the build up is caked on and hard to remove, let it soak in hot water for awhile before cleaning it.

, Scrub the bars using a brush and hot water or vinegar solution. Remove all food, seeds, and feces that are stuck on the bars of the cage. Rinse off any cleanser before returning your bird to their cage., Some cockatiel enclosures are difficult to clean because they are deep and contain hard to reach places. To clean those edges, use a high-powered hose, like a pressure washer or steam washer.You can also try a garden hose.

, Wash the seed skirt or cage apron with hot soapy water. You should also clean the area of floor beneath the cage. Use hot soapy water and a bird-safe disinfectant., Before placing your cockatiel back inside the cage, make sure it is completely dry. You can dry it with a towel, or you can let it air dry. If the weather permits, let the cage dry in the sun because sunlight can help disinfect it., When you reassemble the cage, put the toys in different areas or change out the toys. This can help keep your cockatiel from getting bored or developing bad habits, like preening.

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