How to Clean a Cockatiel Habitat



Place the cockatiel in a safe spot while you clean.,
Inspect all toys for damage.,
Clean any toys that are soiled.,
Soak stone perches in hot water.,
Soak rope perches in hot water.,
Use minimal water to clean wood perches.

You need to remove the cockatiel from the cage while you clean it and the accessories. Make sure to put the bird in a safe place where they cannot get out of the house or be bothered by other pets. They should not be in the same room as you if you are using any disinfectants or cleansers.You may choose to place the bird in a travel cage, a second cage, or on a free standing perch if it is trained.

, Take all the toys out of the cage. Inspect them closely to look for damage. Look for anything on the toys that may harm your bird, like sharp edges or loose threads. If the toys are damaged, throw them away or repair them., If your bird has any toys that you can clean, you should wash them with hot water or a vinegar solution. For example, hard toys that you can drop in water should be cleaned.If there are toys that cannot be cleaned that way, try using a rag soaked in hot water to clean off the surface of the toy.

, Remove all perches and clean them. Stone perches should be soaked in hot water or cleaned with a vinegar solution. After you soak them for a little while, you can take a cleaning brush and scrub away any feces., After soaking in hot water, you can use a brush to try to remove any feces on the rope perch. Let the rope dry completely before placing it back in the cage. Rope perches need more time to dry, so leave them lying out until they are completely dry., Unlike stone and rope perches, wood perches can’t be soaked in water because of the material. Instead, you can use a rag soaked in hot water to clean the surface of the wood perch.Wood perches need a longer time to dry. Don’t place the perch back inside the cage until it is completely dry.

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