How to Clean a Cat Scratching Post



Use a stiff brush.,
Vacuum the post.,
Clean up any further cat fur.,
Spot clean the post in the moment.,
Clean pee with an odor-neutralizer.,
Disinfect the whole thing.,
Try a carpet or steam cleaner.,
Put it in the sunlight.,
Let it dry.

A stiff cleaning brush can help loosen and remove dirt and cat hair on the post. Go up and down the post, moving the brush in short, heavy strokes across it. Pick up any loose cat hair that comes off and throw it away., Start by vacuuming the post. You obviously can’t go over the post with the whole vacuum if you only have a standup vacuum. Use an attachment, and go over it inch by inch. An attachment with a brush on the end can be helpful. A handheld vacuum also work., If you still see cat hairs, try rubbing a fabric softener sheet up and down the post. The sheet coats the hairs in fabric softener, making them release from the post more easily. Vacuum again after you do this step.You can also use a damp washcloth. Rub it up and down the surface to help capture hairs. Pick off the hairs, or vacuum again.
Try a lint roller to pick up hairs.
You can also use other methods to loosen hairs. For instance, put a cup of water and a half a cup of fabric softener in a spray bottle. Spray it on the post to loosen hairs. Once it dries, you can vacuum it.

, When your cat has created a mess on the post in the form of a vomit or a hairball, it’s best to clean it right away. It’s easier to pick up when it’s still wet.Wipe up the mess with a wet washcloth. Pick a cat-safe disinfectant, available at pet stores. Make sure it doesn’t have citrus in it, as that will turn your cat off the post.
Spray the disinfectant on. Let it soak in, then wipe it off along with the mess.

, If your cat has peed on the scratcher, that presents a bit more of a problem. It’s best to use a cleaner that’s designed to neutralize urine odors, especially if your cat is male. You can find these cleaners at big box stores or at your pet store. Make sure it is marked for soft as well as hard surfaces and doesn’t have a citrus odor.You can also use one part vinegar to three parts water to help clean and neutralize the smell, but the commercial product will probably do more good.Start by blotting up the stain with paper towels. Get as much up as you can.
Follow the instructions for the commercial product. Generally, though, spray the cleaner on, saturating the spot. Let it sit for a few minutes, then blot up the cleaner.

, You can also spray on a disinfectant to clean the whole post. When picking out a disinfectant, remember to get one suitable for pets. In addition, make sure you pick one that’s right for the surfaces you’re attacking.For instance, pick a carpet cleaner if you have a carpet post.
Carpet cleaner may also work on rope scratchers, as they have similar characteristics.
Follow the cleaner’s directions. Usually, though, you spray it on and let it sit. Once it’s sat for a while, wipe it off with a clean, wet rag, then let it dry.

, Another option is using a carpet or steam cleaner to clean the post. If you’re using a carpet cleaner, make sure to pick a shampoo that’s cat friendly.With the carpet cleaner, use the upholstery attachment. Work in the shampoo with the carpet cleaner, then use it to rinse with clean water.With a steamer, it’s best to use one that’s meant for upholstery. Run it up and down the post to steam it clean.

, Let the scratching post sit outside in the sunlight. The sunlight can help bleach out odors, and being outside will help get rid of odors, too. The sunlight will also lightly disinfect it. Just be sure all sides get equal sunlight by turning it, and leave it out there at least 3 or 4 hours., Before giving it back to the cat, let the cat scratching post dry. Keep it out of the way until it’s dry in a safe place. A closet or a closed bathroom is a good option.

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