How to Choose Your Guinea Pig’s Name



Pick a name that fits your guinea pig’s appearance.,
Choose a name that fits its personality.,
Pick an ironic name.,
Let your guinea pig “choose”.

Many people name pets based on unique aspects of their appearance. Take a good look at your new pet. Think about its size, its color, and any spots or distinctive markings your guinea pig may have. Brainstorm how you could make a name that fits the way your pet looks.For instance, if your guinea pig is white, you could call it Cottonball or Snowball.
If your guinea pig is spotted, you could call it Patches or Spot.
If your guinea pig is especially small, you could call it Minnie or Tiny.;
, Think about your guinea pig’s attributes and personality. Is it shy or outgoing? Energetic or lazy? Try to think of cute names that fits its attributes and behaviors.If your guinea pig is energetic and hyper, you could name it Zip, Frisky or Dasher.
If your guinea pig is especially affectionate, you could call it Snuggles or Sweetie.

, Think about your guinea pig’s personality and appearance, but instead of choosing a fitting name, pick a name that obviously doesn’t fit your pet. An easy way to pick an ironic name is to choose a fierce or macho name that plays off of guinea pigs’ naturally adorable nature.For instance, if you have an especially small and cuddly guinea pig, give it an ironic name like Hulk or Destroyer.

, If you need help picking a name, let your guinea pig join in the process of choosing a name. Write down several of your favorite names on several small pieces of paper. Then scatter the pieces of paper around the room and put a little bit of guinea pig food on the top of each piece of paper. Place your guinea pig in the middle of the room, and pick whichever name is on the paper that your guinea pig eats off of first!

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