How to Choose Your Guinea Pig’s Name



Give your guinea pig a family name.,
Choose a regal name for your guinea pig.,
Call your guinea pig something unusual.,
Name your guinea pig after a historical or mythical figure.,
Give your guinea pig the name of a fictional character.

Your guinea pig is the newest addition to your family, so it makes sense to give your pet a family name! Family names could include traditional names that have been in your family for generations, your mother’s maiden name, or the name of a deceased relative.

, Many people give their pets names like Prince or Princess that allude to royalty. These names can reflect how important your new pet is in your life! Other examples of regal or formal names include Queen or Queenie, King, Duke, Duchess or Lady., Unusual, rare or outdated names are often perfect for pets. These names are unique and often funny in a quirky way, especially when they are traditional or formal.

Examples of unusual names for male guinea pigs include Boris, Geoffrey, Harold and Fabio.
Examples of unusual female names are Wanda, Beatrice, Harriet and Sabrina.

, Think about your favorite figures from history. These often make great pet names because they give your pet a unique tie to history. The associations these names provoke are often humorous in light of your adorable, fluffy pet.

You could name your male guinea pig Moses, Hamlet, Napoleon or Dante.
You could name your female guinea pig Cleopatra, Athena, or Marilyn.

, Think of your favorite fictional characters from the books or movies that you enjoy. Picking a name of a fictional character is a great way to combine two things you love!

You could name a male guinea pig Sherlock, Ichabod, or Atticus.
You could name a female guinea pig Hermione, Scarlett, Pippi, or Katniss.

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