How to Choose Your Guinea Pig’s Name



Pick a short name.,
Choose a cute human name you like.,
Give your pet a nickname.,
Name your guinea pig after something sweet.,
Pick a popular name.

Many pets have names with only one or two syllables.This makes the name easier to say as you are calling your pet, and also makes it more cute, Name your guinea pig something like Max, Sam, Rose or Luna.Animals also respond better to shorter names because they’re more easily recognizable.

, Some people prefer to name their guinea pigs human names as opposed to pet names. Think of some of your favorite names based on the gender of your guinea pig. If your mind draws a blank, look through a baby-naming book for inspiration.If you have a female guinea pig, pick a pretty name like Bianca, Lilly or Anna.
If you have a male guinea pig, give it a masculine name like Jake, Dave or Chiko.

, A lot of great pet names come from abbreviated human names. Examples include Johnny, Frankie, Lexi, and Suzy. These make the names shorter and cuter, which make them more suitable for a pet., Many pet names come from desserts and sweets. These often make cute and affectionate names. Think of your favorite desserts and decide which one fits your guinea pig’s appearance best.Some examples of dessert names include Brownie, Butterscotch, Mocha, Cupcake, Cinnamon and Oreo.
Sweetie, Candy and Sugar are also examples of sweet names.

, The most common pet names are popular because they are usually catchy and cute. Take a look online at the most common pet names and see if any of them fit your guinea pig. Popular names include Charlie, Tiger, and Buddy for male pets, and Bella, Lucy and Kiwi for female pets.

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