How to Choose Toys for a Guinea Pig



Provide chewing toys.,
Create hiding spots.,
Give toys that can be pushed and knocked around.,
Use toys made for other animals.,
Introduce new toys regularly.

Your guinea pig’s teeth are constantly growing. If the teeth become too long, it can be difficult for your guinea pig to eat and chew properly. Chew toys are for recreation and for the dental health of your pet. Chew toys are usually made from hard, natural materials like untreated (i.e. no paint, paint, or tarnish) wood.If your guinea pig’s teeth become overgrown, see your veterinarian. This can be a serious condition.A chew toy is essential. If you do not give your guinea pig a proper chew toy, it will bite anything that it can such as cage bars, food bowls, etc.
Willow sticks and fruit tree sticks can also be used as chew toys.;
, Guinea pigs love to explore and play. Tubes, tunnels, and hidey houses provide a space to hide, sleep, and get away from their cage mates. Hiding spots create a sense of safety for your pig. Wooden tunnels and houses are nice because your guinea pig can chew on them as well.If you have more than one guinea pig in your cage, there should be a hiding place for each pig and a neutral hiding place. For example, if there are two pigs in the cage, you would need at least three hiding places.Stay away from items made with plastic or smooth rubber. Your guinea pig can easily chew through these materials and swallow them.

, Your guinea pig will love to push and play with a ball made from wood, wicker, or grass. In addition to pushing, your guinea pig will chew and bite the balls.Because of this, balls made from natural materials are ideal.

Your guinea pig will also like tennis balls or ping pong balls.Children’s blocks are also a good option. These blocks are usually non-toxic and are too big to choke on., While there are toys made for guinea pigs, some cat, bird, and ferret toys are suitable for your guinea pig. When you shop at the pet store or online, you can check out the toys made for all of these different animals. Whatever toys you choose, make sure that they do not have small parts that can easily be swallowed.As far as cat toys, the balls with the bells on the inside can be given to your guinea pig.
Guinea pigs also enjoy hanging bird toys with bells on the end. Hang a small bungee cord or string across a corner in the cage and hang the bird toy. You can secure the toy using pipe cleaners or cable ties.
Your guinea pig may also enjoy ferret tunnels and hammocks.
If you are unsure about a toy, ask your veterinarian if it is safe to use.

, Guinea pig’s enjoy a variety of toys. However, too many toys in the cage is not a good idea. Your pig still needs space to run around and exercise. Keep one to three toys in the cage at a time. For example, one cave, one tunnel, and a chew toy.If your cage is large, you may be able to accommodate more than three toys at a time.
You can also try different amounts of toys in the cage to see how your guinea pig responds. Each guinea pig has a unique personality.

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