How to Choose Toys for a Guinea Pig



Fill an item with hay.,
Create a cardboard box cave.,
Create a tunnel.,
Make a towel tent.

Fill a clean sock with hay (e.g.Timothy hay). You can tie the sock with another piece of fabric or sew the top of the sock to close it. Your guinea pig can push the sock around or use it as a pillow. You could also fill a lunch bag with hay.

This is a good alternative to giving your guinea pig stuffed animals. The filling used in stuffed animals can be dangerous for your guinea pig.You can also stuff a tennis ball in the toe of the sock and then fill the rest of the sock with hay.
Avoid bleached lunch bags.

, Cardboard boxes can be used to create a fun hiding place for your guinea pig. Turn the cardboard box upside down and cut a few holes in the box. The size of the box you use will depend on the size of your guinea pig. Your pig should be able to move in and out of the box without getting stuck.You can fill the box with hay, fruit, or vegetables for your guinea pig to eat. The treats in the box will encourage your guinea pig to move around and explore.
The cardboard house will also be a good hiding spot for your guinea pig. A hiding spot will help your pig feel safe and cozy.
Shoe boxes, tissue boxes, and soda can boxes can also be used to make a cave.Choose boxes that do not have a lot of ink or paint on them.

, An old oatmeal container, toilet paper roll, or paper towel roll can be turned into a tunnel for your guinea pig. Remove the interior and exterior labeling to keep you guinea pig from eating it. If you are using an oatmeal container, cut the bottom out of the container and wipe down the inside with a clean cloth to remove any food residue.

Cut away any sharp areas before you place the tunnel in the cage.
You can fill the tunnel with Timothy Hay or another treat that your guinea pig likes.
Cut a slit the length of the tube to prevent your guinea pig from getting stuck in the tube., Cut or fold a large bath towel into the shape of a triangle. In the corner of the cage, loop two ends of the triangle through the cage wires. You can secure the loops with safety pins of binder clips. Your guinea pig can now hide under the tent.Make sure there are no hanging threads on the towel. Your guinea pig will likely chew and possibly swallow the thread if left hanging.
This is a great option because it does not take up a lot of space in the cage and you can easily wash the towel and replace it.
An old-t-shirt can also be used to make this tent.

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