How to Choose Safe Riding Clothes



Ensure your helmet fits correctly.,
Use a helmet with a strap where possible.,
Look for the safety standard.,
Make sure the helmet fits.

Try to get your hat fitted by a professional the first time you buy one in order to get the best fit.;
, The vast majority of show classes permit any rider to wear safety headwear in any class, as long as that helmet is conservative and otherwise complies with discipline rules regarding rider attire. This allowance includes disciplines such as saddle seat and dressage, where a helmet may not be considered traditional.

, A riding hat that has been tested to national safety standards will have a mark on the inside, so remember to look for this whilst you are buying. Know the standard used by your country, and ensure that your helmet has been certified to that safety standard.

, To check it if fits, try the helmet on and adjust it to fit. This may include a knob at the rear of the helmet, laces, straps, buckles, etc. Turn your head rapidly to the right and left, and nod your head quickly. Ensure that the fit is snug, but not too tight. Make sure that you are able to breathe comfortably and that your helmet straps do not put uncomfortable amounts of pressure on your throat. If the helmet wobbles all around after the straps have been adjusted, it is too big on you. If you can grasp the sides of the helmet and wobble it in any direction once the straps have been adjusted, the helmet is too large.

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