How to Choose Safe Cat Toys



Buy toys your cat can chase.,
Get your cat toys they can use alone.,
Provide catnip.,
Use household items as toys.

Cats enjoy toys they can chase, as this reminds them of hunting for prey in the wild. Fishing pole toys, if used with supervision, are a great and safe toy that will keep your cat engaged. Laser pointers are also fun for cats, as they can chase the light across your home.Plush toys can be altered to use for chasing. You can, for example, tie a string around a plush mouse and drag it along the floor for your cat to chase. Just make sure not to leave your cat alone with a string.

, As you may leave your cat alone for long hours during the day, make sure they have toys they can use without you. Things like plush mice and small balls can be safe for your cat to use while you’re gone.Some stores sell puzzle toys. You put a toy or piece of food inside a contraption your cat must open. These can entertain your cat while you’re gone. However, read the label to make sure the toy is safe to use while you’re gone.

, Catnip is safe for most cats to use. It is not addictive and will not cause health problems. Invest in toys that are laced with catnip or toys that you can store catnip in. Your cat will be enticed by a catnip toy.Keep in mind not all cats react to catnip, so your cat may not be interested in catnip.
If you have more than one cat, they may fight over catnip. Do not leave cats who fight over catnip alone with it.

, While some household items pose a hazard, many can be safely given to your cat as a toy. The following items are safe for cats to use as toys:Plastic shower curtains
Milk caps or rings
Ping-pong balls
Empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towels
Paper bags with the handles removed

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