How to Choose Safe Cat Toys



Keep fishing pole toys out of reach when not in use.,
Throw away broken toys.,
Put toys with small parts away when you’re not around.

Fishing pole toys are interactive toys meant to be used only when a person is present. You can have a lot of fun dragging a fishing pole toy along the floor or dangling it in the air for your cat to catch. However, cats may swallow the string from toys when you’re not present. If a fishing pole toy has embellishments like feathers, your cat may swallow these as well. Keep fishing pole toys out of your cat’s reach when you are not present.Cats are excellent climbers and tend to get into things, so make sure to pick a very secure location. A cupboard that locks securely, for example, is a good place to keep a fishing pole toy.

, Cat toys break with time. Broken toys may have sharp or pointed edges that can pose a safety risk. If a toy breaks, throw it away and replace it., Toys with small parts can be safe when used under your supervision. Battery-operated toys, for example, are safe to use when you’re playing with your cat. Cats may swallow small parts when not supervised, so make sure to keep these toys in a secure location when you’re not around.

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