How to Choose Safe Cat Toys



Choose toys that have non-detachable parts.,
Make sure toys are too big to swallow.,
Look for electronic toys with secure batteries.,
Do not let your cat play with small household items.,
Avoid giving kittens yarns and strings.

Examine a cat toy closely to see if it has small parts. Oftentimes, toys will have things like buttons, strings, and feathers attached. A mouse toy, for example, may have button eyes and a string tail a cat could easily detach. This can pose a choking hazard, so opt for toys with non-detachable parts only.Instead of going for toys with sewn on eyes on ears, look for toys with eyes and ears stitched or embroidered on.
If you find a toy that’s otherwise high quality but has some detachable parts, buy it anyway and use scissors to remove the small parts. A lot of times, small parts are only present for aesthetic reasons and are unlikely to be missed by a cat.

, Avoid buying anything small enough to fit all the way in your cat’s mouth. These could be swallowed, posing a choking hazard. This is especially important if you have a kitten, as kittens are more likely to swallow their toys.A toy should be big enough for a cat to hold in its mouth without swallowing. It’s best to opt for larger, clunkier toys to reduce choking risks. Usually, things like larger plush mice are big enough for a cat to use safely.

, Electronic toys can be fun for your cat, but make sure the batteries are secure. The best electronic toys will have the batteries secured tightly with screws. Cats may swallow batteries, especially if they are very small, and this can be fatal.Even if a toy’s batteries are secured, do not let your cat play with an electronic toy without your supervision.
It is okay to pick up a few electronic toys as these can be perfectly safe for cats as long as you only use them when supervising your cat.

, You may be tempted to let your cat play with small household items that they take an interest in. However, many household items are easily swallowed. They can pose a choking hazard and even be deadly when ingested. Do not let your cat play with the following items:Small caps
Rubberbands or hair ties
Pipe cleaners
Paper clips
Buttons and sewing supplies
Houseplants and flowers

, If you do let your cat play with yarn and string, do so only with your supervision. Yarn and string are easily swallowed and can get stuck inside your cat’s intestines, which may necessitate surgical removal. If you get your cat yarn and string, never leave it laying around when you are not present.You should also avoid rubber bands, as cats may swallow them.

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