How to Choose Plants to Make Your Cat Happy



Grow catnip in your garden or in containers.,
Use catnip for your cat.

Catnip is beloved by many cats, although not all cats will respond to it. If you find that your cat loves it, plant it in abundance. Some ideas for where to plant catnip include:

Plant next to a walkway that heats up in the sun. This will allow your cat to roll about under the catnip and enjoy both its scent and the warmth of the pathway.
Grow in containers. The beauty of containers is that you can move them around to take advantage of the best parts of the garden, the places where you know your cat enjoys spending time. Also, you can plant many different catnip plants and place them strategically through the garden.;
, Some of the ways your cat might enjoy catnip include:

As a bruised fresh leaf, or chopped slightly fresh from the garden.
Dried and stuffed into a catnip cat toy.
Dried on the twig. Simply let the cat chew it as much as desired.

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