How to Choose Plants to Make Your Cat Happy



Grow luscious lawn grass somewhere in your garden.,
Grow lemongrass.,
Grow cat grass (Dactylis glomerata).,
Grow oat grass.

Cats will appreciate rolling in it and using it to play pounce. Many cats also eat grass to aid with digestion and regurgitating those fur balls.

If you’re not keen on letting your lawn get out of control, allow a clump of grass to grow somewhere in the garden that is reserved just for your cat.

, Cats tend to enjoy munching on lemongrass even though they’re not partial to lemons. It is something to do with the grassy lengths and perhaps that citrus odor isn’t so bad after all.

, This is great for chewing on to aid digestion.

, It’s nutritious and will capture your cat’s attention for a good chew.

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