How to Choose Horse Riding Gear



Expect to see slightly higher prices for this kind of clothing.,
Find a shirt that suits.,
Pick a jacket: Unless it is extremely hot and the judge issues a jacket waiver, show coats are required when showing hunter-jumpers or equitation.,
Pick your pants.,
Get some tall boots.,
Get any other needed accessories:

Black belt.

Show clothes are typically more expensive than lesson-level clothes; however, there are a variety of options to fit any budget.

, Wear a long-sleeved show shirt. Choose a shirt made of breathable material. There are even shirts which are ventilated under the arms to promote air flow. Make sure it compliments your shape, fits under your jacket, is long enough to tuck into your breeches, and does not “gap” in the front. There are different colors available, but white is the best option.

Choose a shirt with a wrap collar rather than one with a traditional choker collar. If you decide to monogram the collar, make sure that it is small and conservative. In certain rings, riders can be disqualified for having visible monograms.

, Choose a coat that fits well, is long enough, and has long enough sleeves.

Choose a coat which is conservative in color. Navy is the most common color in hunter-jumpers/equitation, but black is becoming popular (black is traditional in the dressage arena).
Three-buttoned jackets are traditional.

, Tan or khaki breeches are the only acceptable colors in hunter-jumper/equitation.  Be sure that your breeches are mid- or high-rise so that there is no gaping in the back. One of the most popular brands for show breeches is Tailored Sportsman.

, These are essential in the show ring. Boots must be black. Boots should be tall enough to create a clean line from the top of your knee down and should be fitted through the ankle. They should be field boots (zipper in the back with laces in the front). Be sure that your boots are cleaned and polished for shows.

If you are able, it is wise to invest in custom-fitted boots.

Hairnets are required. Hair must be neat and tucked into helmet.
Black leather gloves are required.
Pearl earrings are a traditional and elegant addition to a show look.
Helmet. Helmet should be black or a dark grey, depending on the brand. Charles Owen and GPA are both popular brands depending on your budget.

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