How to Choose Horse Riding Gear



Prepare a higher level of dress for more formal lessons.,
Pick out a shirt.,
Consider your pant options:

Select your boots/footwear:

If riding is just a casual hobby, or you are not interested in showing, leather paddock boots and half chaps are a great choice.,
Get any other accessories needed:

Gloves are usually optional, but are useful when the weather is especially hot or cold, or when you are riding a horse who is heavy on the forehand or likes to pull.

 Clothes should be conservative, fitted, and weather-appropriate.  It is appropriate to tuck shirts into breeches and accessorize with a belt.

, Options for shirts:

For casual lessons, solid-colored tee shirts may be appropriate, though very casual, so not always advised.
Collared polo shirts are very popular and are universally appropriate.
For warmer months, long-sleeved, breathable, quarter-zipped shirts are a smart choice. They can be purchased through equine retailers or tack stores.
For cooler months, a great formal lesson look is a button down layered with a color-coordinating sweater.
Jackets or coats are appropriate when the weather is cold, but make sure that they are fitted.

, Breeches with knee patches are common across disciplines, whereas full seat breeches are typically reserved for higher level riders and dressage disciplines.
Opt for solid, conservative colors. Tan, black, navy, and grey are all safe choices.
Be sure that your breeches have belt loops.

,  There are a wide variety of styles and brands to choose from.  It’s best to go to a tack store and try different combinations until you find a fit and style that you like.
If you are interested in showing or are willing to make an investment in your boots, tall field boots are ideal.  It is important to get fitted at a tack store so that they can help you find a pair that fits you well and suits your needs.
Be sure that your footwear is made out of real leather and is good quality.

,  There are different styles available, from synthetic, to leather palms with crochet backs, to all-leather gloves.
Belts are essential when tucking your shirt into your breeches. Choose belts which coordinate with your outfit. Black is usually a safe bet.  Be sure that your belt is the right width to fit through your belt loops.
Hairnets. Choose hairnets which match the color of your hair. They are available in two-knot, one-knot, and no-knot. One-knot nets are the most popular and comfortable.
Helmet. Black, matte helmets are common and look more professional than brightly-colored, shiny helmets.

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