How to Choose Good Cages for Hamsters



Familiarize yourself with good wire hamster cages.,
Learn about plastic hamster cages.,
Consider the pros and cons of aquariums.,
Learn about bin cages.

A wire cage is a popular cage type for hamsters but usually is not big enough, so when looking for wire cages often rat cages with 1/2 inch spacing can work aswell as large hamster cages.A wire cage usually has a detachable base made of solid plastic.The horizontal bars are ideal for hanging toys and chews.Big wire cages are more suitable for Syrian hamsters, since they are relatively large and would not be able to squeeze between the wires.Be aware that your hamster could gnaw on the wires,- if not given chews and toys-, which could lead to various dental problems that may need veterinary care., Plastic hamster cages are multi-level, with tunnels and other areas that your hamster can run through and play in. In addition to being visually appealing (plastic cages are very colorful), plastic cages can be good for a dwarf hamster, since his small size would allow him to easily run through the twists and turns of the tunnels.It can be fun to watch your hamster run through the cage.
A plastic cage is not ideal if you have a large hamster, since he could get stuck in the tunnels.If you have a dwarf hamster, he could easily hide in the small nooks and crannies of the cage, making him hard to find.
Most plastic cages are too small alone and can only be used as attachment cages to a cage of the minimum size.Plastic hamster cages should not have any edges that your hamster could gnaw on., Aquariums are not specifically made for hamsters, but could be an ideal housing option for your hamster. They are typically made of either solid glass or plexi-glass, which makes them very sturdy and easy to see through.To keep your hamster from escaping, the aquarium should be covered with a well-fitted mesh top.You may need to purchase this separately at your local pet store.

The minimum size aquarium that you should have for your hamster is 30-40 gallons depending on the specific aquarium. Just be sure to have the floorspace be of the minimum size or bigger. An aquarium would be ideal if you have a dwarf or Chinese hamster.Aquariums have a few disadvantages, such as being heavy and having poor ventilation.Since aquariums are not hamster-specific, you would need to buy extra items to place inside of it, such as tunnels and ladders., Bin cages are cages that you can design and make yourself. The freedom to be able to design these cages yourself is a major advantage. Bin cages are usually much cheaper to make than it is to buy a proper sized store bought cage, but bin cages may not look as visually appealing as other cage types.

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