How to Choose a Scratching Post or Pad for Your Cat



Watch how your cat scratches.,
Pick a post that suits your space.,
Consider a horizontal model.,
Consider a flat vertical model.,
Consider a cat tree.,
Get a piece of faux furniture.,
Buy an appropriate height.,
Make your own scratching post or pad.,
Stick to your budget.

Take a few days and observe how your cat scratches the furniture or other objects in your home. Make a note as to whether or not they stay horizontal or prefer to stretch out vertical. Do they favor a particular material, such as your carpet? Do they feel the need to scratch up high, like on the back of your couch?If your cat tends to scratch high, then a vertical scratcher will work the best. Look for a hanging or wall-secured model.
If your cat tends to scratch the carpet or the back of your couch, then a horizontal scratcher that stays flat on the floor will work best.;
, You will want to make sure that the scratcher that you select can comfortably fit into your home. You’ll need free wall space if you are planning on installing a wall-based vertical scratcher. A cat condo can potentially take up a fair amount of floor space. Have a good idea about where you will place the scratchers before you buy them.

, A scratching pad of this type will lay flat on the ground, perhaps with a low ridge. It could be rectangular, round, or another shape entirely. You might be able to attach toys or another small scratcher vertically to one end. These scratchers are often a cheap option.Be aware that if your cat scratches very aggressively, they may succeed in flipping this type of scratcher over.
A horizontal scratcher provides a good back and shoulder exercise for your cat. This movement also mimics the actions of cats marking their territories in the wild., A vertical scratcher can hang from a doorknob, be a stand-alone post, or be secured to a wall. All of these options allow a cat to stretch out and extend their arms fully out and up. Pulling downward can then release any old claws. Be aware that these scratchers need to be a bit sturdier, so they can be more expensive than their horizontal counterparts., A cat condo is a great way to provide a scratching option and hiding place for your cat, all in one piece of furniture. If you place the cat condo near a window, your cat will enjoy the benefits of extra sunlight and an almost tree-like experience. Some cats even choose to sleep on their condos.You might notice that your cat rubs their face all over their condo. This is their way of marking territory via scent glands in their paws and facial area.

, These are pieces of traditional human furniture that are miniaturized and then covered in a scratchable material, such as rope or carpet. Cats can enjoy the option of tearing up furniture without actually ruining any of your real pieces. Cat faux furniture also provides a diverse workout for a cat’s varying muscles.These are often custom pieces, so they will likely be more expensive than a traditional scratcher. You can buy these pieces via specialty pet stores or online via sites like Etsy.

, Cats prefer a scratcher that allows them to fully extend their arms, paws, and claws. As you watch your cat scratch, try to get an idea as to the size of the scratcher that you’ll need. When in doubt, it is always better to buy a taller, bigger one., If you just can’t find a scratcher that you prefer, or if you are particularly handy, you might try to make a post or pad for your cat. You can cut out a custom scratcher from a block of corrugated cardboard. You could also cover a hard surface, such as a book, with a rough fabric and batting.If you choose to attach carpeting to the post or pad, make sure to choose one that is designed for heavy usage. This will ensure that it lasts awhile before it needs to be replaced.

, Cat scratchers can vary from quite cheap for cardboard models to rather pricey for custom pieces of furniture. Determine your budget in advance and make sure to comparison shop. Don’t spend too much on a scratcher as it is only temporary and will need replacing in the future.

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