How to Choose a Pet Guinea Pig



Examine the physical characteristics of a potential pet guinea pig.,
Make sure the guinea pig isn’t sick.,
Remember to check the guinea pigs sex, especially if you already have another pig.,
Assess the personality of your potential pet.,
Ask the person you are getting the guinea pig from about the history of the pet.

You want to be sure it is physically healthy and doesn’t have any hereditary problems. Watch the guinea pig move. It should run and walk without difficulty. Look at the shape of the guinea pig. Make sure it is neither too skinny or too fat. Also look at the pigs legs and feet to make sure its foot pads aren’t swollen or bleeding and that the legs are straight along the bone. Lastly, look at the skin. There should not be any bald spots., Look in its eyes, ears, and nose. If there is discharge in the ears or nose or film on the eyes the guinea pig might have some kind of infection.

Another sign that the guinea pig might be sick is if it doesn’t eat. It should eat frequently, so even if you meet a guinea pig for a short period you should see it eat.

, In order to do this, you will need to inspect the genitals.

Also check that they are over six weeks old and aren’t pregnant.

, Just because a guinea pig is healthy doesn’t mean it has the personality to be your perfect pet. Play with the guinea pig for a bit and gauge its personality., Ask him or her if the pig has ever been sick and if its parents were healthy. Chances are good that they will tell you the truth and its always better to ask than not to.

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