How to Choose a Kitty Condo



Take the number of cats into account.,
Determine the weight limit on the condo.,
Note your cat’s habits and physical health.,
Think about the size of your cats.

The size of the kitty condo or cat tree you get depends on how many cats you own. Each cat should have their own area on the cat condo. They each need their own platform, scratching post, and sleeping area on the condo., Kitty condos and cat trees are not all made the same. Some are intended for light loads, while others can have more weight because they are sturdier and more secure. Figure out the approximate weight of your cats and choose a condo that will support that weight.Cats will run and jump onto the cat condo. If multiple cats are doing this to a condo not intended for heavier weights, it can crash to the floor.

, When choosing the type of cat condo, think about your cat. Consider their age, size, activity level, and habits. This will determine the type of condo and furniture you get your cat.Older or less mobile cats should not have condos that are too high or require a lot of climbing and jumping. Consider shorter condos with easy access.
If you have a young, energetic cat, consider a cat tree with an enclosed condo way up top so there are opportunities for play in addition to the condo.

, Some platforms, tunnels, and enclosed condos may not be large enough for your cat. If you have overweight or larger breed cats, you may need to buy condos with large surfaces so your cat doesn’t fall off or feel insecure.

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