How to Choose a Hypoallergenic Cat Breed



Try a Devon Rex.,
Think about a Sphynx cat.,
Look at a Balinese.,
Consider an Oriental Shorthair.,
Check out a Siberian cat.,
Spend time with the cat you want to adopt.

This cat, which has a curly coat, tends to shed less than other cats. While it’s not the hair that causes allergies, the dander and saliva can be carried by the hair. Therefore, a cat that sheds less may cause fewer allergies.This cat is a very social cat and enjoys spending time with its family.The Cornish Rex, a similar breed, may also be a good choice, but you’ll need to bathe it more often because of the oil that builds up on the coat.;
, This cat is a hairless variety, though some do have a small amount of hair. Some people with allergies are able to live with this cat because it doesn’t send hair into the air like other cats (for the most part), limiting your contact to dander. Also, they don’t have as much of the typical allergen in their saliva, which also helps those with allergies.Sphynx are energetic, and you’ll find they may get into some goofy situations. They can be a bit clumsy in their enthusiasm. They enjoy getting attention from their humans.

, Even though Balinese are longhaired, these cats are low-shedding. In addition, they only have a single, silky coat of fur, so they have less fur overall. Therefore, they will likely spread less dander around your home, reducing allergens.These cats also produce less of the enzyme in their saliva that causes allergies, so they are a good choice for those with allergies., These cats look a bit like Siamese in their shape, and they also like to talk like Siamese, too.These cats also tend to put off less dander than other cats, so they make a good choice for those with allergies.Oriental Shorthairs like to be in the thick of things, and they love attention.

, These cats are longhaired cats, but they produce less of the enzyme in their saliva that causes allergies.They are smart cats and get along well with families., Not every cat will affect your allergies the same way, even within the same breed. Therefore, it’s important to spend time with the cat before adopting it to see how much of a reaction you have.Often, one visit will be enough to tell you how bad your allergies are with that particular cat. However, you can try several visits if you’re unsure. Many breeders and shelters will let you take an animal on a trial basis, if you need to do so.

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