How to Choose a Healthy Hamster



Adopt from a local shelter.,
Locate a certified breeder.,
Search local listings for free hamsters.,
Go to a pet store as a last resort.,
Inspect their cage.

You can call your local rescue organization or humane society to see if they have any hamsters in. Just because the hamster has been surrendered does not mean they are not healthy. Hamsters are often surrendered because they are noisy at night or because two hamsters accidentally had a large litter., Reputable breeders are hard to find in some areas, but try searching the internet to see if one lives near you. Ask the breeder if they have signed the Internet Hamster Association of North America’s (IHANA) Code of Care and Breeder’s Code. This will ensure that they are safely breeding hamsters for good health and temperament., Many people accidentally put two hamsters of the opposite sex together, and they may have large litters of hamsters that need new homes. You can check your local listings, Petfinder, Adopt A Pet, or Craigslist to see if anyone is giving hamsters away. Always be careful when visiting a stranger’s home, but do ask if you can handle the hamster first. You may want to bring a friend.

, While not all pet stores are bad, some do buy their hamsters from breeding mills. Often, they stick several hamsters in the same cage, causing the hamsters to fight and injure one another. Crowded conditions can cause diseases to spread quickly through the population., When visiting a shelter or pet store, you can take certain measures to make sure that the hamster has grown up in a healthy environment. One way to do this is to examine their living area.While there will probably be some odor, it should not smell like ammonia.Syrian hamsters should not be kept in a cage together, or you might find that the hamster has injuries from fighting.
If the cage does not have plenty of chew toys, such as wooden blocks, paper towel rolls, or balls, you may find that the hamsters have dental issues.
Ask if they have been using pine or cedar shavings in the cage. These can cause respiratory issues in hamsters.

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