How to Choose a Healthy Hamster



Identify the source of the hamsters.,
Inquire about the hamsters age.,
Ask about the hamster’s aggression.,
Investigate their diet.

If you are at a store or shelter, you may want to ask where the hamsters came from. This will give you an indication of their early life and whether or not they will be healthy. You can ask:

“Where do you get your hamsters? Is it a local breeder? Can I check them out?”
“Was this hamster abandoned? Were they surrendered by their former owners? Do you know why?”

, Hamsters on average live two to three years. You may not want an older animal. Furthermore, young hamsters who have just been separated from their mother may be experiencing stress, which increases the risk of wet tail.While this should not prevent you from getting a young hamster, you should be extra diligent in checking for disease. You can ask:

“How old is this hamster? When were they born?”
“How long has this hamster lived in your store/shelter?”

, Talk to the breeder or staff about how aggressive the hamsters are. Check to see if they frequently charge the walls of their cage or attack hands that enter the cage. Don’t be alarmed if the hamster bites you at first. This is normal. Hamsters may be afraid of strangers, and they like to sleep during the day.Instead, make sure that they are held regularly by staff without problems; this is a sign that the hamster is tame. The biting will likely go away when they become used to you. Some questions you can ask are:

“Do your hamsters often bite you?”
”How often do you hold the hamsters? Every day? For how long?”
“I see you keep the hamsters all in one cage. Do they often fight each other?”
Dwarf hamsters are more likely to bite you than Syrian, but Syrian hamsters are more likely to be aggressive to each other., A hamster that has a varied diet of greens, mixed seeds, pieces of fruit and vegetables, and pellets are more likely to be healthy. Furthermore, by knowing about their current diet, you can keep the hamster on this diet when you take them home. Sudden changes in diet can make your hamster sick.You can ask:

“How often do you feed your hamsters fresh vegetables or fruit?”
“What kind of feeding schedule are these hamsters on?”
“Do you give your hamsters treats?”

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