How to Choose a Cat Bed



Buy a bed made from natural fabrics.,
Choose a washable bed.,
Avoid beds with tassels and beads.

Natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool, or feathers will provide your cat with comfort. These fabrics are also less likely to give your cat an allergic reaction., Cat beds can get covered in fur, fleas, and even bacteria. As a result, you will want to be able to wash the bed periodically. Choose a bed that has a removable and washable cover. In some cases you will even be able to put the entire bed into the washing machine.Read the label for washing instructions.

, Some beds will be decorated with tassels and beads. Although these may look lovely, they could be hazardous to your pet. You don’t want your cat to swallow any loose fabric or beads. Stick to a bed that is uniform with no easy-to-remove parts.You can add style by picking a colour or pattern that suits your home decor.

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