How to Choose a Canary



Buy a canary if you are okay with a bird who doesn’t like handling.,
Choose a canary if you want a low-maintence pet bird.,
Consider a canary if you want a singing bird.,
Decide between buying or adopting.

Canaries are great pets for just about anyone, especially those who want a low-maintenance bird. These birds are ideal for people who don’t want to tame their birds and take them out of their cage to handle them. They prefer to remain in their cages and sing., Canaries are an easier breed of bird to keep as a pet than breeds such as a parrot or cockatiel. Canaries don’t like to be handled, and they don’t require exercise or daily human interaction. Canaries prefer to stay in their cage, flying around and amusing themselves.The ease of care for canaries make them good pet birds for families with children or elderly people.

, Canaries are most widely known for their beautiful songs, but only the males sing. They don’t squawk or scream like other breeds, but they also sing often through the daylight hours. You can’t train a canary to stop singing, so only buy this breed if you are okay with having a canary’s song in your home.The most common breeds known for their beautiful singing are the Waterslager, the German Roller, the Russian Singer, the Spanish Timbrado, and the American Singer., You can buy your canary from a local breeder, a pet store, or a bird show. Reputable breeders may be the best way to guarantee you are not going to get a bird from a bird mill. You also may choose to adopt a bird who has been abandoned and needs a home.Contact local vets and animal shelters to find out where you can adopt or purchase canaries in your area. You can also check online using pet finder websites.

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