How to Choose a Canary



Choose a bird that is lively.,
Look for healthy plumage.,
Look for signs of physical problems.,
Examine the cage.

When you choose a canary, you want to make sure it is lively and active. This indicates a healthy bird. It should be moving around, standing straight, and talking. Healthy birds will also be alert., The plumage of the canary you choose needs to be smooth and shiny. The feathers should not have any problems, like broken shafts or bald spots. The bird should be well-groomed and neat., Your bird should look healthy. The eyes should be bright and clear, with no signs of swelling or discharge. There should also be no nasal discharge. Take the bird in your hand and feel the chest. If you can feel the bone there, the bird might be too skinny.Bring the bird close to your ear and listen. Any clicking or wheezing in the respiration or breathing may point to disease.
If you have experience handling canaries, then gently catch it in your hands so you can inspect it. If you don’t know how to catch it, ask the breeder or pet store worker to catch it or take it out of its cage so you can inspect it closely while they hold it.

, Look at the cage your potential canary is in. A clean cage is a sign of a healthy bird. Look at the droppings for signs of problems. Watery droppings or red in the droppings indicate potential problems.A crowded cage may also indicate an unhealthy bird. The bird should have plenty of room to perch.

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