How to Chicken Sit



Gain experience with chickens.,
Decide on a reasonable salary.,
Create your advertisements.,
Discuss expectations and needs.,
You might have to feed the chickens or put them inside of their coop.,
Acquire any necessary contact details.,
Follow any tasks asked.,
Interact with the chickens.,
Don’t leave the area messy.

If you want to become a superb chicken-sitter, then you could start with gaining some experience with them. Surround yourself by chicken’s and gain some knowledge about them. Chicken’s are fairly interesting birds and are enjoyable to be around too.

Avoid advertising yourself as a chicken-sitter without the proper experience with chickens. You don’t have to own your own flock, but at least offer to care for a friend or neighbours chickens. Becoming a paid chicken-sitter without the experience can be setting yourself up for failure.
Volunteer if you must. Like other part-time jobs; the more experience the better chance of getting hired. Experience usually starts out from volunteer work and with the experience gained you can put it in your flyers/resumes. It’s also a way to get references which are a notable source to put down on your flyers.;
, Don’t advertise your salary too high of an amount that isn’t reasonable to the customers. You might find yourself with little to no enquiries., You can choose from a flyer, poster, resume or online ad (or maybe all four!). An advertisement is a way to reach out to people about your position for work, and the more the better.

Put your contact details down such as your name, email and phone number.
Provide a friendly description about yourself.
Jot down any past experiences and references.
And of course; make it clear that you’re a chicken-sitter looking for work!

, Like any other customer who is relying on you to take care of their pets, they will discuss the necessities of their flock and what is required by you as their chicken-sitter., Or you might possibly not have to do anything but supervise the flock. You should still discuss with the owners about what you’re required to do however.

Ask for any possibly hazards such as predators nearby, other dangerous pets (dogs, cats, etc) or areas that the chickens aren’t allowed in.

, You will need the phone number of the owners if anything goes wrong. Sometimes the owner will provide you with details of an avian vet just in case anything becomes catastrophic. But it’s rare to be given out any veterinary contact details for chicken’s., The owner may provide you with a list or explain to you what is expected which may be anywhere from cleaning the coop, collecting the eggs or feeding the chickens. Make sure to do what is told and at the right time if there is a schedule., If the owners hire you as a frequent pet sitter or possibly might then make-sure you’re gaining a bond with the chickens to get them use to you as a person., If your job is about to end, restrain from leaving the area messy even if it was beforehand. Some owners expect the place to be clean when they arrive even if they haven’t clarified with you that they want you to clean up. A simple tidy up won’t harm and will leave the owners impressed.

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