How to Check Out a Girl Without Her Noticing



Don’t make the girl feel uncomfortable.,
Apologize and stop checking her out if she catches you.,
Introduce yourself to the girl instead of checking her out.,
Look at girls in the eye.,
Don’t check out girls around your significant other.

If you keep checking the girl out and staring at her, it could make her feel uncomfortable and threatened. If the girl looks or tells you that she feels uncomfortable, stop looking at her and walk away., If the girl catches you, don’t try to avoid the situation. Instead, admit that you were checking her out, apologize, and stop doing it. She will appreciate your honesty and your apology.You can say something like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare; I just think you’re really pretty. I won’t anymore.”

, If you think a girl is pretty and want to look at her, you can introduce yourself to her. Go up to her and introduce yourself by telling her your name and then asking for hers. Take a look at her body language. If she seems interested in talking to you more, make small talk with her.

You can say something like “Hey, my name is Dan. What’s your name?”

, Instead of checking out a girl, you should really try looking them in the face or the eyes. This shows respect and is a gesture that girls can reciprocate. If you have a bad habit of looking at women in an inappropriate way, try looking at them in the face more often., If you’re checking out girls around your significant other, it can do more than just make the girl that you’re checking out feel uncomfortable. It can also cause your significant other to get jealous and mad at you. Avoid checking out girls around your significant other or keep it as stealthy and unnoticeable as you can.

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