How to Change Your Cat’s Routine



Change routines slowly.,
Observe your cat’s behavior.,
Avoid too many changes in routine.,
Use a gradual approach with new cats.,
Let your cat get accustomed to a new baby on their own time.,
Transition your outdoor cat to the indoors.,
Recognize that shifts in routine can damage your cat’s health.

Instead of expecting your cat to adjust quickly to new circumstances, it is best to find ways of slowing down the changes in routine. For instance, if you want your cat to get used to a new cat food, you should gradually add a bit more of the new cat food into the old cat food every day. For any new routine, you should make slight, gradual adjustments instead of abrupt changes.If you are starting a new mealtime, change their current mealtime by fifteen minutes every few days until you get to the new mealtime.
If you want your cat to sleep at night, it is important to change their exercise routine during the day. Start playing with them for gradually longer periods during the day. Start with a new play period of ten minutes and gradually build it up until they are getting at least one hour of playtime during the day.;
, See how your cat responds to changes in their routine such as a new playtime, new diet or new people in the house. If they seem anxious or stressed out, try to comfort them and determine why they are having trouble. Consider any changes in their routine or the household routine, as well as how you could make those changes easier on your cat., Cats love the security of a daily routine, so it is best to avoid changing their routine too frequently. It is also best not to change too many things at once.If you have to move to a new city, for instance, avoid changing their diet at the same time.
If you are trying to get them to sleep at night, avoid changing their diet at the same time as their sleep routine.

, If you have a new cat in your home, keep them separate from your old cat for the first day or two. Swap bedding or toys between your cats so they can get to know one another through smell. Once they have smelled one another, you can introduce them directly. Let them sniff each other out in a common and neutral area of the house, such as a living room., Your cat may take some time to get used to the new baby. You can make the change easier by introducing your cat to the smell of the baby with some clothing or a baby blanket, prior to bringing the baby home from the hospital. You can also try pheromone scent products to calm your cat. Eventually, your cat will get used to the new family member., If you need to change your outdoor cat’s routines to fit with a new indoor environment, you need to consider potty training as well as playtime. If your cat was potty trained but is used to going to the bathroom outdoors, you could place the kitty litter beside the door. When they want to go outside to go to the bathroom, they will use the kitty litter instead. You should also make a stimulating indoor environment, including interactive toys and perches where your cat can watch the backyard environment.When you leave the house, make sure your cat is a good distance from the doorways since they will want to escape.
If your cat was not potty trained, you will need to start from scratch.

, Cats thrive on routine and typically do not respond very well when it changes, especially if the changes are abrupt. There is some evidence that too frequent changes in routine can negatively impact the health of cats.

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